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Does Obi-Wan's "Hello There" command card give me a voice between:

- Gain a dodge, an aim and a standby; or

- Gain a surge equal per enemy unit at range 1-2

Or rather, does it allow me to, once per enemy unit at range 1-2, gain my choice of a dodge, aim, standby or surge token?


For example, If Obi-Wan is at range 1-2 of 6 enemy units, can I use Hello There! to gain a standby, 3 dodges and 2 aims?

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General Col-Ki, 

Your example is correct, the card effect allows you to pick a token of your choice for each enemy within range 1-2 of Obi-Wan. They do not have to be the same token, you can pick any combination of tokens that is listed on the card. 


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