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Tauntaun riders and withdraw.

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Sorry if the question is not a sharp one, but I play once in a while and with all the changes with the rules, sometimes I get confused.

  • If a Tauntaun riders unit engaged, withdraws, using its entire activation, can it use their abilities agile and relentless and, this way, make a range attack and gain a dodge token?
  • And, in case the unit withdraws and make contact with another unit, and use relentless, can also use ram?

Thanks, and sorry again!

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Hey there, 

Yes, when they withdraw they still get to use their abilities. Agile triggers, and they can use relentless to attack after the speed 1 move from withdrawing. 

Ram does not trigger, because the unit is not moving at their max speed. 


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Reversed Withdraw answer
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