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Smoke Tokens and Low Profile

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Per the CRB entry, Low Profile applies if the unit "has cover" that cancels at least 1 hit.  Also per the CRB, Smoke Tokens "improve the numerical value of their cover by 1".

Are these the same thing or different?  For instance, if a unit is improving the numerical value of its cover by 1 because of a Smoke Token, but otherwise would not have any cover applied to the attack, is it considered to "have cover" because of the Smoke Token for the purposes of Low Profile?

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As stated in the Cover entry, when rules refer to cover having a numerical value, light cover has a value of 1 and heavy cover has a value of 2. If a unit's cover is not 0, it has cover.

As a smoke token improves the numerical value of cover, a unit with no cover from terrain in the specified range of a smoke token will improve its cover value from 0 to 1. The defending unit now has cover, and assuming it is not canceled (for example, there are no instances of Sharpshooter or Blast in the attack, for instance), the Low Profile will indeed allow them to cancel an additional hit result.

Hope this helps,

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