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disembark from a vehicle while its base is not touching a ground

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Refer to the Base Contact entry in the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook; the relevant section of which is reproduced below:


Because a miniature’s base can be placed on top of uneven terrain, there are situations in which another miniature cannot be placed into physical base contact with the first miniature because of a difference in elevation between the two bases. In these situations, if the following two conditions are met, those miniatures are treated as if they are in base contact: when viewed from above, there is no space between the two miniature’s bases, such that if they were not on differing elevations or were both flat on the battlefield, their bases would be touching, and the vertical distance between the two bases is no greater than the height of the lower miniature’s silhouette.

In your example, if the disembarking trooper unit can be placed such that its silhouette is touching the base of the LAAT/le Patrol Transport, it is considered to be in base contact and may be placed in such a way prior to performing its speed-1 disembark move.

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