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Transported units interacting with Condition Tokens

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Under the Transport: Closed section of the rules, it states:


Game text on objective cards does not apply to units that are being transported.

This makes clear all cases where a transporting vehicle in base contact with an objective token, and the transported unit won't be able to perform objective actions. The next clause also covers situations where transport vehicles are in base contact with enemies.


If a vehicle is in base contact with a piece of terrain or another mini, a unit being transported by that vehicle is not considered to be in base contact with that piece of terrain or that other mini.

Since no relevant entries in the Transport: Open section override this, this also applies to Transport: Open vehicles.

Can units being transported by vehicles interact with condition tokens that are in base contact with the vehicle? Since neither of the above passages mention condition tokens, my first assumption would be that text on Condition Cards does still apply to the transported unit. However, not sure whether it would be considered to be in base contact.

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Hey there,

Yes! Transported units can interact with Condition Cards like War Weary and Limited Visibility. Because Transported Units are never considered to be in base contact with objective or condition tokens, they cannot interact with things like supply caches. 


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