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Silhouettes and Measuring

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I'm trying to answer a question in my community about the use of silhouettes for measuring. The measurement section on Page 10 makes no mention of the use of a silhouette for "measuring at any time." Yet, as a practical matter, silhouettes are used by my players for measuring at times the CRB does not specifically call for a silhouette to be used (for example, determining if a miniature would be fully line-of-sight blocked to any would-be attacker prior to deployment).

Is the intention of the rulebook to prevent the use of silhouettes at times it does not call for the use of silhouettes? If so this would have a notable impact on quality-of-life for players. Please clarify if the measurement section has omitted something important, or if we're all using silhouettes incorrectly.

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The Measurement section is referring to tools used for movement and range. It does not address the use of silhouettes as they are not used for these purposes.

A miniature's silhouette may be determined from its base at any time, as following the instructions given under the Line of Sight entry in the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook.

Hope this helps,

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