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Are pushes/throws abstract or precise?

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Assume I have three models in a perfect line, all base to base.

I want to push or throw the middle one. This requires an exactly parallel push, or it will touch another model and immediately stop with 0 movement.

There are infinite directions you can choose which will fail the push, and 1 direction that will succeed.

If we're talking statistics, you will never be able to pick the 1/infinate direction. So its an impossible move. BUT, its a game. So is abstraction allowed? Can you declare that you're picking the one legal direction and just do it anyway?

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Yes, they are both. If you find yourself with 3 characters lined up perfectly, you could throw in either direction on the line perpendicular to the axis the three are lined up on. However, this is a theoretical question. On the table you would almost certainly not be able to line these characters up in this manner due to the many potential error points in trying to do so. In that situation you would pick a direction and attempt to move the thrown character's base without touching the other bases. If one of the other bases is contacted, resolve collisions as normal.

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