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Hover:Ground Repulsor Movement

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Units with Hover:Ground are treated as ground vehicles by other units. However, page49 states it can move through other repulsor vehicles but cannot move through ground vehicles.

Page 49 also states While another unit moves, it treats a unit with Hover:Ground as a ground vehicle, and cannot move through that unit unless it is a repulsor unit. 

Page 60 states a repuslor vehicles mini can move through all types of units

So this seems contradictory because of the lack of clarify in "unless it is a repulsor unit".  Does that mean the moving unit, or the unit being moved through?

So if an AA5 tried to move through an AAT it should be able to because the AA5 is a repuslor vehicle, which can move through all types of units regardless of whether the AAT is a Hover:Ground and treated as a ground vehicle.


Is this correct?

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Hey there,

To answer your question, the bullet on Page 49 of the Rules Reference Guide is referring to the unit performing the move: other units may not move through a Hover: Ground vehicle unless they are themselves a repulsor unit, because they treat the Hover: Ground unit as a ground vehicle.

Therefore, the text you quoted on Page 60 should be consistent: repulsors can indeed move through all types of units, in this case including Hover: Ground vehicles.

Note however that two Hover: Ground vehicles will treat one another as ground vehicles, and not be able to move through one each other just as they cannot move through troopers (without displacing them!).

Hope this helps, 


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