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On "Research Station Attacked" is it possible to score VP when not Securing the Civilian.

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If the Civilian is within Range 1 of your Evac Point, and your opponent is securing the Civilian would you gain 2 VP? 

For Example:

Round 3 - Clean Up phase - you're controlling the objective and score 2 VP

Round 4 - Power phase - You move the objective within Range 1 of the Evac Point

Round 4 - Clean Up Phase - Your opponent is now securing the the Researcher(Civilian) and scores 2 VP, but since it's still within range 1 of the Evac point you score 2 VP as well.

Round 5 - Power Phase - Your opponent gets to move the token

The Crisis states that "Then, a player Scores 2 VPs if the Researcher is within R1 of their Evac Point during the Cleanup Phase." Since it's a separate clause it doesn't seem to require that the person scoring those VP be the one to Secure the Researcher. 

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