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Covert ops and field commander

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Good day.

If in the army there is just 1 commander, which has keyword "covert ops". Then there is a heavy with the keyword "field commander"

If I choose to deploy the commander as operative, should I still promote a core/special to commander or will the field commander be enough?

The way covert ops is written, seems to require a promotion, since at that time you don't have another commander on the field.

And if the field commander would be enough, would it change its rank in this situation?  or would it keep its heavy rank as per normal field commander rules (just using the commander token).

Thanks, I hope I' ve been clear.

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Hey there, 

You would still have to promote a corps or special force unit to commander, because there is no unit with the rank of “Commander” on the field. A heavy unit that has a field commander upgrade equipped would not count, because it retains its rank. 

Hope that helps! 


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