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Choosing targets for the Unorthodox Tactician

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SW: Legion's new card, a crew member of the A-A5 Rebel Truck, the Unorthodox Tactician, reads, esentially: 

"(...) roll 3 red defence dice. For each [mathing result], choose a different friendly unit (...) at range 1-3."

In this context, is it "a different friendly unit" as in:

  1. A different friendly unit per matching die result, meaning that the same unit cannot be chosen multiple times to benefit multiple times from the ability?
  2. A different friendly unit than the Truck itself, meaning it cannot benefit from it's own upgrade and has to have someone - at least a single unit - at range to support?
  3. Both - multiple individual friendly units have to benefit from the ability, none of which may be the Truck itself?

Myself I am inclined to the 1st way to read it, as previously seen abilities that exclude the "source" unit from possible targets used the phrase "another unit", but then, on the other hand, I could see how "a different another friendly unit" might have read awkwardly and be shortened to carry both meanings implicitly. 


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