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The Call to Arms upgrade card provides is a free card action, as specified in the Star Wars: Legion Errata Reference. The You Serve Your Master Well command card allows Luke to perform one free move or free attack action with a friendly or suppressed enemy unit. As the free card action on Call to Arms is neither of these, it cannot be exhausted by using the You Serve Your Master Well free card action.

Note that if Call to Arms were exhausted prior in the round, the unit does gain Charge until the end of the round, and so will still have Charge if moved by Luke Skywalker's controlling player later in the round.


2 hours ago, ElGrandePicante said:

On a Serve your Master turn, can Luke force an enemy ewok unit with an untapped Call to Arms to make a move and exhaust the card to make a charge attack against a nearby unit? 

No, as the Call to Arms free action is neither a move nor attack action and so cannot be performed using the You Serve Your Master Well command card free action.

Hope this helps,

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