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I have 3 questions about LAATs

1. Can a unit with an objective token (like a bomb from bombing run or a hostage from hostage exchange) board a LAAT?

2. Can a unit inside a LAAT be given a bomb token from bombing run or not at the start of the game? If the LAAT has one as well then it essentially has 2 bombs.

3. Can a unit that is currently on board a LAAT score in breakthrough if the LAAT is scoring?


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Hey there, 

1. No. Units with a claimed objective token cannot embark on a vehicle. See “Embark and Disembark” in the RRG. 

2. Because of the above, you cannot give a unit embarked in the LAAT at the start of the game a token. 

3. No, transported units do not count for breakthrough. 


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