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"gap" and Hover: Ground movement

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Hey! In the post linked below I asked about Hover: ground and vertical movement. I was just wondering what was considered a "gap" when considering vertical movement for the tanks. Does the gap have to be base length in order for it to cause an issue, or is any gap, not matter how big, a problem?


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Guest AMG_Luke

Hey Floorf! Happy to clarify!

First of all, it's always valuable to come to an agreement with your opponent on potential terrain interactions before the start of the game. As a general rule, if the gap is big enough that the unit could stop its movement between the two locations and be at a different (lower) elevation, then it can't just move from one location to the other. It needs to check whether it could legally move onto the elevation of the second location.

Remember that a miniature moves along the movement tool, it doesn't just teleport to the other end. So any rules that would apply anywhere along that move are relevant. 

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