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Repulsor/LAAT providing Cover

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So I'm aware the LAAT does not provide any form of cover. However, it can block line of sight. 

So if for example I am trying to shoot a trooper sqaud of 5 minis and 3 of them are blocked from line of sight by the LAAT. Do the reaming two units I can see get heavy cover becuse of the 3 I can't see or do those units get no cover? 

Checked the rules for clarification and I'm leaning to the unit has no cover as rules are written but the seems odd to me so wanted some clarification? 


Thank you! 

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Hey there, 

The LAAT does not provide cover, but can block LoS to miniatures behind it. Usually, this only comes in to play during the rare moments when a unit is completely obscured by the vehicle. Even in the scenario you described, the defender has no cover, but remember that you can only defeat units that a member of the attacking unit can see. 


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