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Ion Tokens applied during Standby

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I was playing a game and this situation occured: 

I have a unit of pathfinders with Bistan on standby. The LAAT\le moves into the pathfinders standby range. Pathfinders activate and fire on the LAAT\le and score a wound using Bistans ION weapon. This means that the LAAT\le will acquire an ION token. 

However according to the rules the ION token will drop off at the end of the LAAT\le activation, meaning the ION token does nothing and does not stick around. Is this the correct way that ION would work in this situation, or should the ION token stick around until the LAAT\le next activation and then drop off? 

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Guest AMG_Luke

Hello! It is unintuitive, but you are correct. Because the timing of the standby attack interrupts the normal sequence of an activation, the ion token would be removed without having any effect. A unit "checks" for ion tokens at the start of its activation, and removes any ion tokens it has at the end of its activation. There is no special rule for when ion is gained in the middle of a unit's activation. 

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