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Meet My Executioner and Sibling Rivalry

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If a player play Sibling Rivalry and throw Loki into a character then play Meet my Executioner, does the character still dodge with 2 less dies and gain stagger ?


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Assuming this is the interaction being discussed..



Player A plays sibling rivalry

Player A’s Thor throws player A’s Loki

Player A moves Loki to collide with player B’s character

Player A’s enchantress plays meet my executioner when player A’s Loki would suffer the collision

Player A’s Skurge is placed within 1 and suffers the collision instead of Player A's Loki


The answer would be no.

Sibling Rivalry's effect applies to character's that Loki, God of Mischief collides with. Since Skurge is colliding with the enemy character instead of Loki, it won't apply.

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