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Moderator's edit: There have been many questions regarding this card's functionality. I've removed the questions to clean up the thread to ensure it is easy to reference. We have attempted to answer all the questions in the below post. Follow up questions for additional clarity should be asked in their own threads.

Thank you.

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@Snackrifice2099 @Cyprian Siwy @rybeatt7 @Jeh123 @zombieinc99 @MAMNOM

I've edited this thread to remove the questions and answer all questions at once. If this does not cover your specific question, let me know.


Masked Menace will only generate Power once from a trigger. 

  • In the case of a superpower that Throws enemies, the character will gain 1 Power if any enemy takes damage from the Throw.
  • In the case of superpowers like Charge, the character will gain Power only if the attack granted by the superpower deals Damage. In this scenario, the character will gain 1 Power. Charge is not damaging the character in this situation.
  • Attack damage will grant Power to the attacking character. Other effects that damage enemy characters, like Explosive and Throws triggered by the attack, will not.
  • Beam attacks and area attacks will grant the Power to the attacker for each target attacked if the conditions for Masked Menace are met.

Effects that do not generate Power on their own will grant the "additional" Power from Masked Menace. This includes attacks that do not give the attacker Power and superpowers like Throws.

This will be made clearer in the future.

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