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Old question about Sunny Bounder's ability that never got addressed

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Sunny Bounder's Ability: While you defend or perform an attack, after you roll or reroll your dice, if you have the same result on each of your dice, you may add 1 matching result.

Question: How many times during a single attack or defense can Sunny bounder add a matching result?

Attacking example: Sunny has a Lock and rolls 2 blanks on her primary attack and adds 1 blank result. She then spends a Lock to reroll all 3 results and ends up with 3 hit results. Can she add an additional hit result?

Defending example: Sunny has a Focus and is within R1 of Serissu. She rolls 3 Focus results and adds another Focus result for a total of 4. Could Sunny add a another Focus result, for a total of 5, if she uses Serissu's ability (While a friendly ship at range 0-1 defends, it may reroll 1 of its dice.) to reroll one of the Focus results Sunny currently has and the reroll comes up Focus?

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