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Can more than 1 unit claim an objective in the same round

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Situation came up during a game, playing Intercept the transmission. One unit leader was touching the objective and then claimed the objective, then another unit leader from the same player touched the same objective and claimed it. Thereby the objective was claimed twice by the player.

Can this be done ? We could not find it in the rules, and if so can you state what section of the rules it is in.

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Guest AMG_Luke

Hello! "Claim" is a specific action, whereby a unit "picks up" an objective token. Neither Intercept the Transmissions nor Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators allow units to claim objective tokens. However, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators allows units to use the "Sabotage/Repair" action. As a card action, one unit cannot perform this action twice in the same activation, there is however, no restriction on the number of different units, belonging to the same player, that can use that action during the same game round.

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