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Determining Blocked LOS through Hover: Ground/Air Vehicle Bases

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Couple questions for yall that I'm looking for clarification on:

The only place I have seen where the base is not treated as part of the mini is on page 32 in the Cover section where it only refers to "When determining whether a piece of terrain blocks line of sight to a defending mini with a notched base..." Since Hover: Ground vehicles are treated as Ground vehicles by other units, and Ground vehicles bases are treated as part of their mini...

Would that mean that an AA5 base would block line of sight to another mini behind it if, for example, it was banked at an angle and perpendicular to an attack?

Similarly, could an AA5, or other similar Hover: ground/air vehicle land on a charge token to prevent other minis from having LOS to the token, thus preventing them from taking damage from its detonation?

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Guest AMG_Luke

Hello! Thank you for your patience while we worked out an answer. Vehicles, including repulsor vehicles, can block line of sight, whether that be the mini itself or its base. The only time the base of a repulsor vehicle is ignored is when determining whether it has cover. Thus, the base of an A-A5 can block line of sight to other minis. 

Additionally, it would also block line of sight to and from a charge token.

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