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Pierce and Obi-Wan's Guardian with Immune:Pierce

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so in the rules reference (in the "pierce" and "guardian" entries), there is an example what happens with pierce and guardian in combination. In that segment it says:


The "pierce X" keyword can be used to cancel block results on defense dice rolled by a unit using guardian X [...]

Now, lets say there are 2 hits with pierce 1 on a unit and i prevent 1 of them with Obi Wan's Guardian Keyword because i roll a block, does the Immune:Pierce of Obi Wan nullify the pierce 1 then and it can't be used anymore on the remaining hit that is then defended by the original target or can the attacker choose to apply the pierce to the block result of the original target unit instead?

Or rather: If a piercing attack is prevented with guardian, are always the first block results (aka those from guardian) pierced first and then remaining pierce goes to the unit that was protected or can the attacker choose when he uses his pierce's?

Hope i could make clear what my problem is here.

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Guest AMG_Luke

Hello! I'll answer your question in two parts:

1) Does immune: pierce apply when a unit uses guardian? Yes, the rules reference entry for immune: pierce specifically calls that it also applies when using guardian

2) The player that controls the attacking unit decides how to use the pierce keyword; they can use all, none, or even a part of their pierce x value on a guardian role. They must resolve applying pierce to the guardian roll before moving on to the next step of the attack though. 

Obviously then, in the example with Obi-wan, as the attacker I would choose to apply the full pierce value to the unit that's defending against the attack, and not Obi-wan's guardian roll. 

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