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Mind Wipe vs Telepathic Cloak

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The Professor X tactics card Mind Wipe says the attack ignores range and LoS, both of which are checked in Step 2 of the attack timing. If the attack ignores range considerations, does it get around the superpowers Stealth, Telepathic Cloak, or Goddess of Storms that prevent attacks from outside range 3?

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Hi there. I played a game recently and had a very interesting experience. 

My Cassandra Nova daze's a character. My opponent uses his Professor X and plays the tactic card Mind Wipe. While Mind Wipe ignores LOS and Range, Telepathic Cloak says that Cass can't be targeted outside of R3. If the Professor X is outside of R3, can Cass Nova be targeted with the attack?

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Mind Wipe does not override Stealth or similar superpowers that require an attacking character to be within a specific range to target the defender with an attack.

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