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Use Hardpoint Bonus Attacks when granted a Bonus Attack from a standard source

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Let's say a huge ship equips Han Solo (Rebel Gunner) and Turbolaser Battery.  At initiative 7 can it use Han Solo to fire the Turbolaser?  Hardpoints don't have an Attack: header, only Bonus Attack:, so I've always been unsure if this works.  FFG's FAQ answer still seemed... ambiguous?

If it's allowed, this still counts as using up that Bonus Attack header, right?  So you couldn't fire that Turbolaser again out the other side of of its turret arc?

Thank you!

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Hi - Sorry for the delay on this, it's been a bit manic and we wanted to make sure we got the Epic play solutions right. 🙂 

Yes, Han Solo (Rebel, Gunner) would allow a huge ship to engage at initiative 7, and as the Turbolaser Battery (Hardpoint) upgrade adds a turret arc, Han Solo could use that weapon for the bonus attack. 

If you did, you would not be able to attack from that turret arc again for that round.

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