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Vader's Might, Move or Placement?

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Hello There! (tm)

I've been reading all the entries for Vader's Might (https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/tags/vaders might/) And I have a few questions.

1- Not sure if this is considered a "place" or a "move". Some entries suggest that is treated like a move



I would assume that it must be considered a MOVE. So, if a unit with a standby token moved via Vader Might would lose it's standby token, then it would trigger enemy standby tokens as if i has just moved (Like with a Force Push).

2- While you ¿move? a unit with Vader, can it be placed into an impassable terrain? Like, placing a trooper unit into deep water. Or speeder bikes into a forest, where they would crash?

3- Another question about that ¿move?. Imagine that there is a height 2 wall between the unit and the desired position. Can you move the unit through?

Thank you very much!


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Hello again,

1. A unit moved by "Vader's Might" would lose any standby tokens it had, and could trigger standby tokens like it had just performed a move. 

2. No, you cannot place a trooper unit into terrain it normally wouldn't be able to move to. 

3. As long as a unit ends within range 1 and height 1 of it's starting position, this scenario would be legal. 


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