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Torkil Mux Vs Heightened Perception Interaction

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So, both cards replace the timing of when a pilot engages. When both are used at the same time by opposing players, there’s a couple of different interpretations I’ve seen:

1) Player Order is significant. Whoever goes second “wins” the battle of when to engage. 

2) Both happen. However, since the pilot has already engaged at PS 7, the pilot cannot engage anymore at PS 0. Thus, Heightened Perception always “wins”. 

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The Ability Queue is used when resolving abilities that trigger during the same timing window. Abilities are resolved from the front of the queue to the back of the queue.

As both Torkil Mux's Pilot Ability and Heightened Perception trigger "At the start of the Engagement Phase", they would be added to the Ability Queue in player order with the 1st player's ability going in first, followed by the ability controlled by the 2nd player.

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