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Outmaneuver clarification

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The new Krassis Trelix ruling is below:



Question: While performing a special attack out of the rear arc, does Krassis Trelix's (Firespray-31) Pilot Ability trigger Outmaneuver when using a special weapon with a front arc attack restriction?

Answer: No. While Krassis Trelix can perform front arc special attacks from his rear arc, these attacks are still rear arc attacks; therefore, Outmaneuver does not trigger on these attacks.

If all the Front Arc weapons when fired from the rear arc becomes a Rear Arc attack, how does that interact with a Turret Arc fired in the front firing arc?  Does this now allow outmaneuver on the RZ-2 A wing to be used on the primary turret weapon since the attack is a front arc attack?


the basic ruling in Krassis is that “All rear arc shots are rear arc attacks.”  Does this then follow that “All front arc shots are Front Arc attacks.”


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No, Outmaneuver never has an opportunity to resolve on an RZ-2 A-Wing's turret attack.  Turret arcs are distinct from all standard arcs, despite the fact that "the turret arc indicator points toward one of the ship’s four standard arcs."

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