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Difference in Wording between Bob & Last-Minute Save, and Healthy Thanos's Death's Agenda Leadership

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Bob's "But How!?" ability states that when he does not have an activated token and would be KO'd he gains a Dazed token instead.

Last-Minute Save states that when an allied character would be KO'd, the allied character removes one damage and is not KO'd.

Are these two slightly different wordings functionally the same for purposes of game play - or - is Bob KO'd for technical reasons, while a Last-Minute Saved character is not?

How do each of these wordings work with a healthy Thanos's Death's Agenda leadership?


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spelling: "bility" vs ability in the first sentence.
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In both cases the affected character is not KO’d. The wording difference is due to Bob gaining the Dazed token instead of being saved with one stamina left and still able to activate.

Thanos will not gain VP for either effect. 

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