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Standby interactions - Cassian command cards/standby rrg

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Hi there, 

I’m having trouble understanding how standby works with Cassian’s command cards and what’s written in the rrg. On his 1 pip ‘crack shot’ it says at the end of his activation he may gain a suppression and gains a standby token.

The rrg states “A unit cannot perform a standby action if it has performed an attack during its activation.” and then “If a trooper unit gains a suppression token or performs a move, an attack, or an action, it removes any standby tokens it has.”

If Cassian attacked during his activation, does this mean he can’t get the standby from the card?

Does Cassian have to choose not to gain a suppression to get the standby token?

Or is it the case that what the card say he gains happens outside his activation so 🤔🤯


Help! 😂

kind regards, IO40274. 

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Hey there, 

Because Cassian’s card states that he “gains a standby token”, it doesn’t matter if he’s performed an attack action during his activation or not. That stipulation only matters if he’s performing the Standby Action - but the card doesn’t have him perform a standby action, he just gains the token. 

Additionally, you only lose the standby token to suppression if you already had the token when you take the suppression. So if Cassian lets say moves, triggers a standby and takes a ranged attack, it wouldn’t effect the standby token he gains with his Command Card. 

For the final question, the owning player chooses the order of simultaneous effects. So the best move is to take the suppression token, then the standby token. Because you can choose the order that the effects occur, you can do so in a way that wouldn’t cause Cassian to lose the token. 

Hope this helps!


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