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Nantex interaction with Veteran Wing Leader

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If a Nantex equiped with "Veteran Wing Leader" command upgrade tractors himself via pin-point tractor array is he forced to split from the wing

1. The leader Barrel Rolls/Boosts via being self tractored

2. The leader tractors himself but does not reposition

Additionally, If a Nantex Wingmate tractors himself to rotate his turret but does not reposition is he forced to split from the wing


I am typically a rules as written type of player and the rules seem to read this way but since the self tractoring works more like a costed barrel roll or boost from the wing leader it seems like an oversight. It makes sense that they couldn't reposition after the wing has moved which fit within the rules and concept of the Wing, but as written the wing would break every time they try to rotate their turret, which seems to go against the purpose of the Veteran Wing Leader Command Upgrade, which is currently a legal upgrade for the Nantex.

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After reviewing some other questions around the Wing Leader / Wingmate relationship and tractoring, we would like to update this ruling.

Forced splitting can occur when either the Wingmate OR the Wing Leader become tractored.

This would include becoming tractored attempting the Nantex-class Starfighter's Pinpoint Tractor Array Ship Ability.

In addition to this, during the Activation Phase and at all other times, a Wingmate is limited to
the following actions: 

  • Calculate
  • Evade
  • Focus
  • Reinforce
  • Lock

As rotate is not an available action a Wingmate can perform, they would be unable to perform the Pinpoint Tractor Array Ship Ability.




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