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"Vagabond" ability allowing for double-drops

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Vagabond's ability reads:


After you fully execute a maneuver using your Adaptive Ailerons, if you are not stressed you may drop 1 device.

If I drop a bomb during the systems phase, and then perform my Adaptive Ailerons maneuver, can I drop another bomb then?

I haven't been able to find any rules preventing me from dropping more than one bomb per turn, but I suppose I could have missed it. Any thoughts?

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Yes, while a ship can only place a device once during the System Phase, it can drop an additional bomb as instructed by its pilot (or upgrade) ability.

Note however that some cards that can place devices at times other than the System Phase (such as Edon Kappehl (MG-100 Starfortress) and “Genius” (Astromech)) contain the text “If you have not dropped or launched a bomb this round,” which would prevent them from placing a subsequent device if they had placed one in the System Phase.

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