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Bob's Excessive Violence has a self dazing ability on it. Can I choose to resolve his self throw first that would daze him, Trigger Sam's leadership to move a character outside of range 2 of the original target, then resolve Excessive Violence's all characters within range 2 suffer 2 damage to avoid taking 2 damage on one character?

If my character was KO'd by an attack that has an after this attack has been resolved timing Would I resolve ANAD before they resolve their effect?

If my character was carrying an objective token and was dazed do I resolve ANAD before or after the objective token is placed by my opponent?

What does the Timing look like with Mission Objective and resolving ANAD?

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Captain America (Sam Wilson)'s leadership is being errata'd to the following:


When this character or another allied character is Dazed or KO’d, choose a non-Dazed allied character. After the effect is resolved, the chosen character removes 1 Damage, removes one special condition, and may advance Short. A character can be affected by this leadership ability only once per round.

For Bob, you would not be able to move a character with All New, All Different until the attack gets to step 14B.

I believe the other questions are answered by the changes above.

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