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Can Eta Anakin add his ability to the queue while not possessing any red tokens?

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Here's the situation.


I have Eta Anakin with Chopper equipped, fully execute my blue or white maneuver, and have no stress token at the time. There is one enemy ship at range 1, no other friendly ships at range 1, and I have a force token available. Can I queue Chopper first, followed by Anakin, meaning I take the red evade, and then remove it with Anakin's pilot ability?


The argument I've seen against it being allowed is that as that as Anakin's effect cannot be resolved at the time of adding the ability to the queue(because I do not possess any red tokens), so when I make the check of "can I pay the cost?" to add his ability the queue, it fails since flipping the force token would not be allowed by the statement "A ship can pay a cost for an effect only if the effect can be resolved." on page 2 of the rules reference.


The argument in favor of it being allowed is that "I have an active force token available to pay the cost, therefore I can pay the cost, and I only make the check for if the effect can be resolved when I reach Anakin's ability in the queue"


Can you clarify which argument is correct? 

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Yes, under these circumstances, Anakin Skywalker (Eta-2 Actis) may add both abilities to the queue, as they have the same timing.  Anakin may first resolve C1-10P's red evade action, then remove the resultant stress with his pilot ability.

In order to add an ability to the queue, you must:

-meet the ability's requirements
-be able to pay the cost of the ability

In your example, Anakin has met the ability's requirements.  He also has an unspent Force, so he is able to pay the cost.  He does not check to see if the effect can be resolved (and thus can pay the cost) until the proper timing to actually do so.

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