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Setting a Manuever Dial Outside of the Planning Phase to Get One More Round / Skipping the End Phase

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Scenario: There is very little time remaining in a close game.  The losing player wants one more round to try and win the game.  While the players are rolling dice for attacks and defenses in the engagement phase, the losing player sets a maneuver dial for one of his ships and places it face down.  The players then finish all dice rolls for attacks and defenses for the Engagement Phase, and resolve all Engagement Phase abilities.  The losing player immediately declares out loud: "Planning Phase!"  The losing player points out that he has a maneuver dial set already.  Time in the game expires seconds later.  Neither of the players have acknowledged the End Phase, or performed any End Phase tasks such as flipping recurring tokens to active, flipping force back to active, and/or removing circular tokens from play to create an accurate board state for a next turn (if there should even be a next turn).  It is likely that if the players had acknowledged the End Phase and performed End Phase tasks that time in the game would have expired. 

Questions Presented:

  1. Do players have a duty to acknowledge the End Phase and perform End Phase tasks prior to setting a dial? 
  2. Can a player set a maneuver dial in a phase other than the Planning Phase before time expires to justify being in the "planning phase" so that they get one more round in the game and skip over the End Phase?  
  3. Is the answer to question #2 dependent on whether there are any End Phase abilities which need to be resolved?  Certainly, if there are any End Phase abilities that can happen (i.e. "at the start of the End Phase" or "during the End Phase"), then those must be resolved and cannot be unilaterally skipped -- especially if they are the opponent's abilities.  But what if the End Phase tasks are only the mere formalities of flipping recurring charges, flipping force back to active, and/or removing circular tokens.  Can a losing player skip those tasks which are to be performed in the End Phase, set their dial(s) before time expires to justify being in the Planning Phase, and then go back and tend to End Phase tasks after time has now expired while the other player sets their dials?
  4. Is an accurate board state required for setting a dial? 
  5. Is an accurate board state required for a declaration that the players are now in the Planning Phase?
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Players need to complete all parts of a game in the order they should be completed and each player has to confirm a phase is over before moving on to the next phase. If someone is rushing someone to move to a next phase so they can squeeze in another round that is poor sportsmanship and should be dealt with as such.

Players efforts to win the game should be contained to the game, not abusing tournament systems. 

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