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Detonate keyword

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Does the detonate keyword allow a sabetour unit to use it more than once during its activation? Is the detonate keyword an action? For example if a BX sabetour has a mine already placed and places another mine it can trigger detonate. For its second action the unit moves can this move action trigger detonate again during the same activation?

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Hey there,

Detonate x is not an action, rather an ability that triggers after a unit controlled by any player attacks, moves, or performs an action. In your example, the BX Sabetour could use the Arm x action to place a bomb, and then you could trigger the bomb off the arm action - or, perform another action and then trigger the bomb off that action. Because this is not an action, you can trigger it multiple times during your activation in response to the actions your unit is performing. 

Further information can be found in the Detonate x section of the RRG! 


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