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How does Sam Wilson's leadership stack against tactic cards that damages and dazes multiple characters?

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Say there is a tactic card played that damages and dazes multiple character (rolling a hit on lovable misfits with multiple 1 health character nearby, or Deadly Duo), how does the effect stack between the tactic cards and the leadership ability? 

To make it more interesting, let's throw in Winter Soldier in there as well with his "Got your back" superpower. Does the tactic card resolves fully before leadership and hence Winter Soldier? Or does each character getting daze would trigger Sam's leadership and Winter Soldier, giving Winter Soldier a chance to take out Rocket before Deadly Duo would complete. 

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Captain America (Sam Wilson)'s leadership will be errata'd to the following:


When this character or another allied character is Dazed or KO’d, choose a non-Dazed allied character. After the effect is resolved, the chosen character removes 1 Damage, removes one special condition, and may advance Short. A character can be affected by this leadership ability only once per round.


This means that for Lovable Misfits, his leadership will trigger after the card resolves as it is a single effect. Deadly Duo has multiple attacks, and each of those attacks are individual effects so it resolves after each attack that would trigger it.


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