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Pretty sure that fenn doesn’t get extra dice in this scenario but wanted to make sure. 

due to angles he is range 1 for his shot. Gets the extra dice. 

return shot ends up being range 2 in arc but he is range 1 of the attacker. Does he get his extra dice for being at range 1? Also since he is range 1 but not range 1 in front arc of opponent would he receive Concordia?


I think it’s no to both since the attack range ended up being 2 in arc but wanted to naked sure. 

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No, both Fenn Rau's (Fang Fighter) Pilot Ability and Concordia Faceoff require the Attack Range to be Range 1.

The Attack Range is determined by measuring range from the closest point of the attacker to the closest point of the defender that is in the attack arc.

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