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I have two questions about the AA/5 that I'm unsure of.

1) LOS blocking recently came up in a discussion and I'm getting conflicting information.  There's this comment on the official FAQ page...

Question: What happens if a non-repulsor unit moves into range 1 of a condition token while the "Minefield" condition card is in play, but line of sight to that token is blocked by a repulsor vehicle mini (that didn’t trigger the Minefield effect because it is a repulsor)? Does the token fail to detonate?

Answer: Correct, the condition token does not detonate, because vehicles block line of sight and therefore line of sight cannot be drawn from the token to the unit that moved into range 1 of it.

But..... the rules on page 84 say 'repulsor vehicles do not obscure other minis and do not provide cover.' and 'Vehicles can block line of sight.'.  HUH?!  How does something not provide cover/obscure AND block LOS?

2) Could a friendly mini (say Luke or just some random Fleet Troopers) climb/clamber/jump onto the top of the vehicle?

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Hey there,

1. The quoted ruling was with regards to drawing Line of Sight from a Minefield condition token. You are correct that (most) Repulsor vehicles cannot obscure units or provide cover, but that does not pertain to determining Line of Sight. Furthermore, a unit or object can in fact block Line of Sight but not obscure units or provide Cover (https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/1442-repulsorlaat-providing-cover/). This means a miniature wouldn't gain cover for being partially obscured by the object, but if they were entirely blocked they would have Heavy Cover as per page 8 of the RRG (Terrain that completely blocks line of sight always provides heavy cover).

2. You cannot climb, clamber, or otherwise move on to the bases of other miniatures. 


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