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False Transpoder Codes

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If my ship has False Transpoder Codes equipped and I target lock a ship with no tokens on it, what happens?

Do I just lose a charge on False Transpoder Codes or do I also break my lock?

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Your ship loses the charge on False Transponder Codes, and the locked ship gains a jam token.  In your scenario (the locked ship has no tokens, aside from the lock token you just assigned), you may break one of its locks.  If it also has no lock, it remains jammed until it gains a green token or acquires a lock, or clears the jam token in step 3 of the End Phase (or has some alternative means of removing the jam token).

Note that your jam effect on another ship would not break your lock on that ship.  You have a lock on that ship; that ship has the corresponding lock token.  Locks and lock tokens are distinct; it is vital not to confuse the two.

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