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Fortified Positions Barricade types?

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1. On page 9 of the RRG, there's a section labeled 'BARRICADES', which lists 6 barricade types. The last of the 6 barricade types is called 'Barricades'. 

2. Fortified Positions says that "Starting with the blue player, players alternate placing barricades on the battlefield until 8 barricades have been placed."

When placing barricades from Fortified Positions, can a player place any barricade which appears on the list of barricades from point 1? For instance, can a player elect to place a sandbag? If so, who chooses what types of barricades are placed? Or are the only allowed barricades the 'heavy cover, difficult terrain for trooper' metal core set barricades?

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Hey there, 

When placing Barricades from Fortified Positions, use the very last category in the list. This matches the Barricade entry on page 18 of the RRG.  The core set Barricades or the Barricades from the Upgrade pack are the correct set to use for this terrain type. 


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