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1) When you place Yoda in base contact with Chewbacca, can you put Yoda in melee with an opposing unit?
1a) If yes, can you put Yoda in melee with a unit, Chewbacca is not in melee with (he is free or in melee with a different unit)?

2) What is the order of operations when Chewbacca moves into engagement with an enemy unit? What happens first, opposing miniatures snapping into contact with Chewbacca or placing Yoda?
2a) If opposing minis snap first, can you zone out Yoda by leaving no space to place him in base to base contact with Chewie?

3) What happens if you cannot place Yoda in base to base contact with Chewbacca because there is no free space next to Chewbacca?

4) Just to make sure: Can you pull Yoda out of an engagement by placing him next to Chewbacca (either in the command phase with the initial placement or when Chewbacca moves)?

5) Who gets to place Yoda when an opponent Force Pushes Chewbacca?

6) Is Yoda also placed next to Chewie, if Chewie gets placed (not moved) by an effect (like Vader's Might or maybe some weird engagement snapping)?
6a) If yes, who gets to place Yoda if it was an opponent's effect?

7) If Yoda and Chewbacca get separated during the round (for example by placing Yoda with Vader's Might), will Yoda still be placed in contact with Chewie if he moves later that round?

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Hey there,

1. Yes. Chewbacca is not part of Yoda's unit, so he does not count as in a melee. Yoda could be placed in a melee with a different unit. 

2. Yoda would be placed in melee after opposing miniatures are snapped in. 

3. Use the margin of error rules to place Yoda as close as possible. 

4. Yes. 

5. The player that owns Yoda. 

6. Yes. The Player that owns Yoda places him. 

7. Yes. 

Hope that helps! 


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