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Please clarify the modified TIE/ln (scum) Notched stabilizers: While you move you ignore asteroids.

The rules reference FAQ does a good job explaining "ignore obstacles" to include overlapping, moving through and barrel rolling.

Does the modified TIE/ln only ignore the effects of an asteroid if it completely moves through? What if it overlaps the asteroid?  Is there a situation where the modified TIE would take damage from an asteroid? Can the modified TIE/ln barrel roll over or through an asteroid?

Thank you for your time.

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The Modified TIE/ln Fighter's ship ability reads: NOTCHED STABILIZERS: While you move, you ignore asteroids.

So long as the ship is moving, it ignores asteroids. A ship moves when it executes a maneuver or otherwise changes position using a template (such as barrel rolling or boosting).

If you were to finish your maneuver on an asteroid and were unable to move off of it, you would no longer be moving and would then suffer the effects of being at range 0 of an asteroid (the ship would be unable to perform attacks).

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