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"Rush", Being Destroyed, and Initiative 7 Attacks

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Hi rules team,

The FAQ in the Rules Reference Guide (page 35) in reference to "Rush" (TIE/vn Silencer) says: 

Q: If "Rush" becomes damaged during the Engagement Phase before the initiative 2 step, causing its initiative to become "6", what happens?
A: "Rush" engages at the current initiative step, after all other ships at that step have engaged.

Two questions to do with this - if "Rush" becomes damaged and destroyed in the same attack, do they still engage at the current initiative? For example, if they have lost their shields and suffer 4 damage in a single attack.

The second question - does the above answer still apply if "Rush" is destroyed by an Initiative 7 attack, such as an attack aided by Roark Garnet (HWK-290 Light Freighter), Han Solo (Rebel, Gunner) or Heightened Perception (Force upgrade), causing them to engage at the end of Initiative 7?

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If "Rush" (TIE/vn Silencer) is damaged & destroyed before initiative 2, but after initiative 6: "Rush" engages at the current initiative step after all other ships at the step have engaged, simultaneous fire would occur and "Rush" would be able to perform their attack before being removed.

If "Rush" is damaged & destroyed at initiative 7: As "Rush" would now be initiative 6, they would be removed after all ships at initiative 7 had engaged. 

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