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Couple of questions with Passel:

1) Once you fully power him up, I seem to remember a rule about not being able to resolve two of the same dial in a turn, is that correct?  As in, I can't choose engineering as my normal command and his command and resolve them both?

1a) If not, can I still choose the same command for both and then token one of them so that I can dial + token?

2) Followup to 1a, can I choose a token with the 'bonus' dial he gives me just as a general rule.

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Correct, you cannot resolve the same command twice, nor can you resolve two dials of the same command.
Yes, you can choose to gain a command dial with Passel Argente that is the same as the ships revealed dial and then choose to token one of those command dials, to then resolve that command in its appropriate timing window as dial+token if you desire.


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