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Lethal and Aim Tokens

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Can Lethal be used alongside the ability to spend Aim Tokens regularly? I could not find this in the RRG.


Ex. A unit has 2 Aim Tokens and a weapon with the Lethal 1 Keyword. Can that unit spend 1 Aim Token to reroll dice and then use 1 Aim token to add Pierce 1 to the dice pool? 

Can you please also specify how Marksman interacts with these? 

If Inferno Squad has 3 Aim Tokens can they spend them to Reroll 2 Attack Dice, Improve 1 Result, and Add Pierce 1 all in the same attack pool?



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Hey there, 

Yes - if you have two aim tokens you could definitely spend one on Lethal, and the other to re-roll dice. If you had a third dice, you could also upgrade one of those via marksman. Nothing stops you from using these abilities during the same attack, you just can't use the same aim token for more than one of these abilities at the same time. 


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