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Cassian Andor (Rebel crew)

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A ship with Cassian (Crew) is ionized and therefore does not have an assigned dial. Can the ionized ship:

1) use Cassian's ability to peek at an enemy dial?
2) if yes and they guess the maneuver correctly: can they change that ship's dial (even though the dial is not assigned) in the event that they may be able to remove the ion token(s) before activation?


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While an ionized ship sets a maneuver on it's dial, this dial is not assigned to the ship and can not be interacted with unless that ship ceases to be ionized prior to it's activation.

An ionized ship with Cassian Andor (crew) equipped may use it's ability to guess a maneuver and look at an enemy ship's dial, but as it doesn't have a maneuver dial assigned, may not change it's maneuver if it guessed correctly. 

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