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Say Quicksilver attacks someone with Aggressive like Sabertooth (or Crossbones) and triggers Velocity multiple times.

1. Does the aggressive character move between Quicksilver's attacks or after all attacks are resolved?

2. If it's after all attacks are resolved, does the aggressive character get to move multiple times? Assuming it was hit multiple times.

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Using the Appendix A timing chart:

1. All of the attacker’s 14a effects have to resolve before the defender’s 14b effects can resolve. For the attacker, this also includes the effects of those effects. All of the Velocity triggers end up resolving before any Aggressive triggers. However, due to the way this trigger stacks, it is possible that Dash will trigger after Aggressive when resolving a stack of Velocity triggers. 

2. Yes. The character with Aggressive would trigger it off each attack that dealt damage during step 14b of each attack. 

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