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Keyword Clarification

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I understand that weapons stack, but this little tidbit has escaped me until now. 
This seems to indicate that a full base unit (4) of Rebel Veterans gain 4 Dodge tokens when issued an order, unwounded Arc Troopers (4) with Jump Packs have Jump 8, and a unit of Imperial Scouts get a speed - 3 Scout move when they deploy. I can't find anything that seems to tell me otherwise (other than word of mouth), and I feel like I may have been playing with one arm tied behind my back. 

As always, thank you very much!!


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Yes, weapon keywords stack as above because you get them for each mini that has that weapon. Unit keywords however only trigger once, no matter how many miniatures are in the unit. The Cumulative part of your first post would only trigger if you had another source of that keyword (such as the AT-ST and Weiss example for Arsenal). 


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