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Shield Dial Question

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Are you required to have the cardboard shield dials on a ship base or can they be removed and kept with/under the ship's card to track its remaining shields?

I know for the purpose of overalapping things the dial is considered part of the ship base as per the rules reference but that suggests that at all other times it is not part of the ship base (so no having ships in aura like effects by having just the dial in range).

However as a ship in the reference "...consists of a ship base, a ship model, a ship token, and a ship card." it sounds a lot like a the dial is not actually part of there ship at all and so possibly not required and therefore could just be thrown aside to make overlapping less fiddly.

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Hello and thank you for your question.


Yes, you must keep the shield dials on the ship base during play as they're considered part of the ship base when overlapping. See "Overlapping" topic for additional details.

You may only remove Shield dials in certain instances such as checking for obstruction due to an obstacle, but then should be reattached.

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