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Red actions and Precognitive Reflexes

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Precognitive Reflexes reads, "After you reveal your dial, you may spend 1  [force] to perform a [barrel roll] or [boost] action. Then, if you performed an action you do not have on your action bar, gain 1 strain token." Since the action symbols on the card are non-colored barrel roll/boost, does the color of the ship's action affect whether or not the ship takes a strain token?


For example, if Anakin in a Y-Wing with Precognitive Reflexes uses Precognitive Reflexes to perform a red Barrel Roll, does he take a strain?

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No, Precognitive Reflexes (Force) is instructing the ship to perform either a barrel roll or boost action and then to check if that action exists on it's action bar, not to check the difficulty of the maneuver.

If a ship is instructed to perform an action, the action is white unless stated otherwise.

In this example, Anakin Skywalker (BTL-B Y-wing) could trigger Precognitive Reflexes to perform a white barrel roll, and as he has the barrel roll action on his action bar, would not gain 1 strain token.

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